Support our Soup Kitchen

As you know the situation in Syria is unbearable and daily becoming worse. Food prices have increased sixfold, and already the UN and the media are reporting famine in and around the capital, Damascus.

Naturally, every person raises this question, “What can I do? How can I help the poor and the refugee?” We asked the same question and the following resolution has been made:

Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani and Sheikh Mehmet Efendi have granted permission for two meals to be cooked each Sunday and Wednesday afternoon in the soup kitchen of Sheikh Abdullah ad-Daghistani at Jabal-Qasyun in Damascus and then distributed to the poor and refugees. 750 portions for 1800 people are cooked. Sheikh Ibrahim Birkdar is the head of the kitchen and receives our monthly payments via secure channels – we also send additional money for the fast and the holidays.
Thanks to your help! Besides the UN, we are the only ones organizing a food distribution around the Jabal-Qasyun.

We are urgently requesting donations. Please help to relieve the suffering and distress of the poor and the refugees for whom these meals are to be provided.